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How NOT to Use the Internet

We’ve all seen them. Our friends, family members, and even people we don’t know, who can make the inter webs an annoying place. Chances are you don’t want to be the one to tell them.  ;)

In the grand scheme of things Social Media, and even the internet, is still a new medium when it comes to connecting to other people and the rules of online etiquette is being refined on a daily basis.

What are some annoying things that your online friends do?  ;-)

About the Author

James McWhorter lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and is the owner of SpiderSavvy. He has 10 years of experience in Web design and development.

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  1. I am the annoying “friend” that can NEVER leave it alone when it comes to politics!! (Hate that I am that way; trying not to be; am still a work-in-progress.) I lose all sense of etiquette when it comes to “fixing friends with bad ideas – or uninformed ideas” that they share or comment on. Cannot stand that I continue to get drawn into battles over these subjects. On the other hand, when I see something I feel needs to be said, I re-post with great vigor! Ughh! Sometimes I feel i should just never go on facebook – and i have a few “friends” that wish I would stay off!

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