You need a website, and by now, you know the drill. Someone dressed in a business suit comes and tells you all about web marketing. They may even fraudulently try to tell you that they can guarantee a first place in the search results for your website. You have a team of technology professionals working for you. They speak with you to understand your expectations; put together a design that will satisfy your visual and mental requirements; then, after some research into the Search Engine Optimization, they throw in some words or even paragraphs to surround what is important so that people can reach your website.

If you are not careful, you may end up with a website that looks and reads like a kitchen sink.

So, what do you do? How do you make sure that you have a website filled with content that is not only effective from the SEO aspect but also original and engaging enough to make your audience stay more on your website?

Here are three tips to find a copywriter who will provide that original content:

Replace Knowledge and Expertise Only with Genuine Curiosity and Superb Research Skills

Lets face it. The best copywriter would be someone who is an expert or has an extensive knowledge in your line of business. For example, if you are a dentist and you are having a website made for your business, who would be better at writing about your services than a dentist who has the medical knowledge and years of experience as a dentist.
Lets face it, again! If someone is so knowledgeable and experienced as a dentist, she would probably prefer seeing patients and earning money as a dentist. Even if she writes content for your website, that will probably be more costly than you would prefer. It is also possible that a professional in your business may know the particulars of your business too well to keep it concise, effective and marketable.

So, most of the time, it is possible yet impractical to find a professional in your line of business to write content for your website.  In such cases, the only person you should allow to write content for your website should be someone who is genuinely curious about your business and has superior research skills to understand, compare and select information that is not only accurate and relevant but also concise and effective.

If you are a dentist, for example, hire someone who asks good questions about your profession and makes you think, “If I did not know about this procedure, that is the exact kind of question I would ask to find out.” If a potential candidate has a website where she advertises her copywriting services, make sure to check it out. Is she writing only about one subject? Is she able to incorporate different topics into her writing without sounding uninformed? Is her writing background diversified enough to show her ability to research effectively?

In short, if you cant find someone who knows, find someone who can figure it out!

Never Compromise Your Expectations of Excellent Writing, Punctuation and Spelling Abilities

If your copywriter does not know the difference between the words “you are” and “your,” cannot make the subjects and verbs grammatically agree, and frequently misspells the most important technical term for your business, find someone else.

Aside from the general writing skills, make sure to find someone who is an expert on writing for the Web. For tips on Effective Content Writing, please visit: Helen’s Blog.

Expect a Firm Combination of Creativity and Conformity

Effective web content is created by someone who is creative. The creativity is required not only for word choice and sentence structures but also for ideas to add photos, videos, graphics, reports, testimonials, comments, and personally relevant material that will make the content original. It is also essential in placing the content correctly to have visual success. For example, only a creative copywriter can change the titles, headlines, white space and writing blocs to attract and keep the attention of the audience.

Conformity, on the other hand, is also crucial since the copywriter must effectively follow search results to use the relevant keywords and phrases so that your clients can find you in the first place.

Conformity and creativity in one sentence sounds impossible. It is not! Your copywriter is simply a lego builder: she may have limited lego pieces and shapes but what she can build with it is up to her imagination.

Originality of the content on your website is what will bring you the phone calls and the client contacts because it will offer a different view of your products and services in a way to distinguish it from your competition. Following these three basic tips, you can find the copywriter who can make that happen.