There are those who may be wondering why their email messages are not getting any reply from the recipient. Most probably the email had landed on the SPAM/Bulk Folder.

One way to lessen the possibility of your email landing straight to the Spam archive of the recipient is to avoid these 7 deadly mistakes in creating an email address:

1. Avoid at all cost using numbers in your email address. KyHunter1979@gmail dot com, for instance, would appear dubious in the mind of the Spam filter.

2. Avoid at all cost underscore. Some people thought it’s cute to create an underscore in their email address. Aside from the fact that it creates trouble to people who flanked in typing class, emails with underscore look bad in the eyes of the Spam filter. Forget your jane_doe@gmail dot com.

3. Putting a www in your email address will surely irk the Spam filter. I’ve seen some people who use www in their email addresses perhaps they wrote it this way so that they would sound a ‘dot com’ savvy. The email would appear like wwwjenny@gmail dot com.

4. Avoid putting periods in your email address. Aside from the fact that it would confuse your email recipient, it could send a wrong signal to the Spam filter. dot com can be misleading.

5. Using raped spelling of words in email address can be disastrous. Are you the next Flickr? If you’re not, you better stick to Oxford’s spelling guide.

6. Using fantastic adjectives in your email will not only irk the recipient but may also send a wrong signal to the Spam filter. bobtheonlysuperman@gmail dot com is really questionable.

7. Any combination of the above deadly email mistakes is worse than any of the cited mistakes. wwwbobtheonlybatman.1863@gmail dot com will never be funny.

Build your identity in the proper way. Give yourself a decent name. If your name is Sony Lee (example only), why not create a sonylee@gmail dot com email address? Not only is this email easy to identify and remember, it also gives you a decent legacy in the digital history.