1 06, 2023

Unlocking the Potential: Harnessing the Power of Long-Tail Keywords for Website Traffic and Rankings

2023-06-01T07:29:48-05:00By |Categories: SEO|

Keywords are the backbone of SEO, enabling potential customers to discover our online presence and forming the foundation of our strategies. However, identifying the most suitable keywords for your business can be challenging. Short-tail keywords, [...]

12 04, 2023

Critical Vulnerability in Limit Login Attempts WordPress Plugin Patched – Importance of Managed WordPress Hosting

2023-04-12T07:38:15-05:00By |Categories: Cybersecurity|

The Limit Login Attempts plugin for WordPress had a critical vulnerability affecting over 600,000 sites. This unauthenticated stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability allowed attackers to inject harmful JavaScript into the site's database. A site administrator accessing [...]

30 03, 2023

Email Links Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide for WordPress Users

2023-03-30T14:55:31-05:00By |Categories: WordPress Tutorials|

Would you be able to add email links to your WordPress website? Email links are a great way to encourage your visitors to get in touch with you, and they're also helpful for internal communication [...]

30 03, 2023

Optimizing Your Dashboard: The Benefits of Removing Unneeded Widgets in WordPress

2023-03-30T14:50:23-05:00By |Categories: WordPress Tutorials|

Customizing your WordPress dashboard is a great way to optimize your workflow and improve your overall user experience. A straightforward way to accomplish this is by removing widgets that are not needed or relevant to [...]

30 03, 2023

A Guide to Styling Your WordPress Content with Paragraph Indentation

2023-03-30T14:45:05-05:00By |Categories: WordPress Tutorials|

When creating content on your WordPress website, add some visual appeal and improve its readability by indenting paragraphs. Luckily, there are different methods to achieve this, depending on your preferences and technical skills. A straightforward [...]

30 03, 2023

High-Performance Order Storage Takes Center Stage in WooCommerce

2023-03-30T08:01:03-05:00By |Categories: WooCommerce|

Since January 2022, WooCommerce has been putting in considerable effort to streamline its performance by concentrating on Orders and figuring out better ways to manage Order data. WooCommerce aimed to enhance the experience for merchants [...]

23 03, 2023

Critical Vulnerability Discovered in WooCommerce Payments Leading to Site Takeover via Authentication Bypass

2023-03-23T14:43:27-05:00By |Categories: Security Updates|

We have recently discovered a severe security flaw in WooCommerce Payments that can allow an attacker to bypass authentication and take control of a website, potentially resulting in significant harm. Therefore, we strongly urge all [...]

15 03, 2023

Profile Builder Plugin Vulnerability Patched: Information Disclosure Leads to Account Takeover

2023-03-15T08:35:19-05:00By |Categories: Cybersecurity|

CozmoLabs has recently patched a vulnerability in its Profile Builder plugin that could have led to an account takeover. The vulnerability was caused by information disclosure, which allowed attackers to access sensitive information about the [...]

8 03, 2023

The Potential Legal Ramifications of Deliberately Including Backdoors in Your Code

2023-03-08T12:28:43-06:00By |Categories: Cybersecurity|

Cybersecurity often does not discuss intentional vulnerabilities and becoming your threat actor. While we often focus on threat actors and vulnerable codes, we must recognize that we can work against our best interests even with [...]

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