We have recently discovered a severe security flaw in WooCommerce Payments that can allow an attacker to bypass authentication and take control of a website, potentially resulting in significant harm. Therefore, we strongly urge all WooCommerce Payments users to update to the latest version as soon as possible to reduce this risk.

This vulnerability enables attackers to bypass the authentication process and access the website without proper authorization. Once they gain access, they can manipulate website content, steal sensitive data, and install malicious software or ransomware. This can cause harm to your website’s integrity and reputation, as well as harm your website users.

Taking prompt action to protect your website and its visitors is crucial. Therefore, we suggest all users update their WooCommerce Payments to the most recent version and stay informed of the latest security updates and patches.

Thank you for taking this warning seriously and taking the necessary steps to ensure your website’s and its users’ security.