Twitter has opened access to some of the publishing tools it’s using internally for Moments, including an immersive display for Web embeds. With this new set of tools will users can embed Tweets in a much more meaningful way. It’s called Embedded Grid.

Here’s how it looks:

“We have big plans for this new tool,” senior product manager Mollie Vandor wrote in a blog post. “We want it to be a one stop shop where you can easily preview all of the different types of displays we offer in Twitter Kit and grab the embed code for any Twitter content you’d like to publish.”

Currently, Embedded Grids are responsive but currently only display on the Web; on mobile apps, tweets in collections appear one after another, but that likely will change in the future.

Twitter is making it very easy to embed tweets.  Just go to, add either the collection ID or full URL, and the embed is provided for you.

How will you be using the new Embedded Grid?