This is always a legal risk, but there is another risk that you should be aware of that affects the SEO of your Website.

Here are some reasons this is not a good idea:

Google is smart enough to know who the original owner is. When search engines crawl and index a new blog post, they give credit to the source.

If you copy and republish it on your Website, you are just wasting your time because it will never rank. Google sees it as duplicate content, and hence, they will penalize your Website. In addition, if you share the content on social media (especially Facebook), it will not get many likes or shares because Facebook also has an algorithm that filters duplicate content.

Your Website suffers from lowered Google PageRank, Domain Authority (DA) ranking, and eventually from the Google panda penalty.

As your blog suffers, the original post MAY also suffer if the same content appears on many blogs and sites. Google now penalizes for republishing other people’s content, even when too much on press releases. The only way out is if the contents are just excerpts from the source.

In summary, the answer is NO. Just do the work and publish quality articles. The effort you will put in copying other’s people content does not worth it. It would be best if you thought of a long-term goal.