I love to hear when I’ve done Website work that is having a huge impact.  There is nothing better!

During a recent interview, with Fox 7, John Paul DeJoria says that his motto is success unshared is failure. And he makes sure there is no room for failure at his companies from the Paul Mitchell School to his greatest project Grow Appalachia; an organization that gives the needed tools to grow their own food, market it, and ultimately support themselves.

“Every student participates in fundraising and every dime is underwritten by us,” he said. When you get someone on food stamps, or they go on disability, the government keeps feeding them.

John Paul says to date Grow Appalachia has taken 150 families off food stamps.

“When you can afford it, you take those food stamps you put them back in the envelope and send them back to the United States Government. That is we the people that says this ‘take me off the food stamp roll. I’m self-sufficient but don’t waste that money but take it off the national deficit,'”

It’s a program so successful he says it caught the attention of the White House.

“So I went to Washington DC to meet with them,” he said. “I said great I’m ready to do it. I’ll come back to the White House. Never heard from them since.”

But John Paul says he holds no hard feelings.

“It’s not that the Obama Administration or the President doesn’t want to do it. Maybe he doesn’t know how. He’s never run a business,”