A majority of automotive customers start their purchasing journey online. Being able to attract customers who are ready to buy rather than those looking around is a feasible, profitable marketing strategy. Automotive businesses such as dealership and auto repair shops should focus on increasing their online presence and making their services more visible in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Implementing a credible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will boost your SERP real estate and increase the chances of potential customers finding your business whenever they are looking to buy or service vehicles.

Our Services

To benefit from an SEO strategy, you need to generate qualified leads and boost your conversion rates. Building an in-house SEO department from scratch is not a feasible approach for your automotive business. Cut costs and let the SEO experts at SpiderSavvy handle your business’s SEO needs while you focus on the core aspects of your business. We take the burden off your shoulders and ensure that your website gets high rankings on search engines. We offer a wide range of services that can boost your SERP real estate and drive more leads.

Web Design

Your business needs a professionally designed website and good rankings on search engines to be more profitable. Therefore, apart from having high rankings, you need a user-friendly, professional website. Google and other search engines are focused on improving the user experience. Your site has to be responsive and accessible by all types of users regardless of the devices they use to access your pages.

Nowadays, most online shoppers and searchers on the internet use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is vital to ensure these users are not left out by creating a mobile-friendly automotive business website. We also help with WordPress development, a professional, customizable website platform that is known for creating search engine-friendly websites.

Online Marketing

Our online marketing strategies will help your business become more competitive both locally and nationwide. Customers who are ready to buy use keywords or keyword phrases that are slightly different from those who are only interested in looking. So, it is better to optimize relevant keywords for the buyers.

Moreover, it is the right approach if you want to attract customers from your local area. Our SEO specialists will thoroughly research various market dynamics surrounding your business’s specific needs and compile a list of keywords that can help the right customers find your site online.

Established municipalities have business groups such as the local business chamber of commerce. If your city has a group website that mentions local businesses, it is advisable to become a member. When local websites link to your site, your local Google rankings will tremendously increase as well.

Content Development

Valuable, well-written and researched content is king. We have a team of experienced copywriters who will create valuable automotive content that satisfies your prospects and the search engine crawlers. We ensure that your website provides value to existing customers and prospects. A link building strategy with backlinks from authoritative websites will increase the reputation of your site.

You should invest in a strategy of publishing articles and guest posts on the internet. Ensure that the articles and content you publish on any online platforms are relevant to your automotive business before you include backlinks to your web pages. For example, publishing an informative post on an authoritative site for homeowners or car enthusiasts will act as a vote of confidence for your business. Our team will help you secure opportunities for creating backlinks to your website.

SpiderSavvy has experience in helping businesses build highly effective online marketing campaigns. We employ proven white-hat strategies to develop an SEO approach that can guarantee you higher search engine rankings. We always endeavor to optimize a website for the right customers who are ready to do business.


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