Small businesses such as auto repair shops build their clientele through the internet. The current amount of internet users is astounding and continues to grow with each passing year. Consumers are looking first to the internet when shopping for automative repair services.  The key to tapping this market is understanding their consumer needs and communicating why your auto repair shop is their best option.

Web Design

Usually, a positive reaction to a local business comes moments after a person has landed on their website.  When a consumer reaches an auto repair shop’s website, they are hoping to find what services are offered, and potentially what price that service is offered at.  Above all, the site needs to be easy to navigate through.  A website that has these features will show up higher in the rankings from Google and other search engine sites as your  site has been deemed user-friendly, thus securing a high-click rate.

Websites today, need to be available on not just desktop browsers, but they should be optimized to be viewed on mobile-devices like smartphones and tablets.  SpiderSavvy offers web design services for your auto repair business that meets all these consumers’ needs.

WordPress Development

When choosing a content management service, WordPress is the way to go.  WordPress is a popular software that assists with the creation of search engine-friendly websites.  WordPress sites benefit from a full spectrum of plugins, widgets, and themes to meet your auto repair business website’s needs.

WordPress offers the best of both worlds with its user friendly back end that allows the average internet user to make changes and updates to their site.  All the while, WordPress is customizable and flexible that experienced web developers are able to utilize the features to create custom, unique websites.

Content Development

The content is what really makes the website.  Smart copywriters understand that to gain a sale, you better control the conversation that converts a potential customer from the competition to your business.

Content development forces copywriters to research the marketing dynamics in reference to consumer needs and compiling a list of keywords that attracts a certain clientele to your auto repair shop website. The benefits of the list is generating qualified sales leads that boost your conversion rate over time.

It’s a proven strategy of providing pertinent information that is relevant to the auto repair industry. Effective content development is much more than using key SEO words in the copy offered as it should promote an internet experience that is supported by a sound online marketing campaign that guarantees immediate success.

Online Marketing

Effective online marketing plans use a set of tools and methods to promote a company’s products and services. Some of the more popular online marketing tools used are keywords or phrases that allow customers immediate access to the type of auto repairs offered by your business. It’s all about creating a strategy that helps your auto repair shop to become more competitive locally and nationally. Online marketing helps to optimize more relevant keywords that are associated with the auto repair industry and hopefully secure a service appointment by the user.


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