Online marketing for logistics and supply chain is an art to itself. As those in logistics know well, this is not an area where generic web design is sufficient. Those engaged in the movement of goods, supply, resources and transportation networks know their stuff and expect just as much from their website platforms and related designs. Whether it is the marriage of geospatial information for network status or the movement of information from one database to the next, web platform services have to be up to par because where the goods matters just as much as when the goods will get to their next destination. This is why working with an experienced website designer like SpiderSavvy who has a good grounding in logistic basics and needs is a night and day difference from other alternatives.

Web Design

A key factor of logistics web design is the easy navigation and sharing of supply chain information. Whether it be price lists, service options, warehousing, transportation routes and mediums, or mapping, all of these different types of data formats have to be translated across the Internet through a website platform that helps uses versus makes it hard to do their jobs. Because SpiderSavvy has spent time dedicated in the logistics arena, their skilled staff can tailor a design to exactly what a logistics player needs. Whether it be a marketing campaign to bring in addition clients who need storage space, or consolidated packaging and distribution services, or the client is trying to market a 3PL or 4PL support system to other businesses, SpiderSavvy can make it an Internet reality.

Online Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing and advertisement, which oftentimes uses a general resource and passively waits for contact via an industry channel (TV, radio, magazine/print), online marketing has to be proactive. The idea in the digital world is to be proactively pushing and connecting with users before they go searching for what they need. It’s about building brand and service connection to need in a client’s mind before he touches the computer for a search engine. This only happens by building a direct contact through various engagement tools. As a result, a company needs a very different online marketing plan than what would otherwise be used in traditional business. SpiderSavvy can help, being well-versed in online marketing plan development and cohesively blending that with a customer’s business plan.

WordPress Development

One of the key, successful tools used in online marketing engagement for logistics involves technical sharing of information. Especially in the business-to-business arena, clients already have a very good idea how to run their systems. What they are looking for when going outside for logistics help are ways and resources that can help them meet their goals more efficiently than current processes. So the marketing approach involved needs to show them value while at the same time addressing technical questions. WordPress offers an exceptional platform for this approach, the ability to build and audience, a forum in which to provide more detail than just a 20-second soundbite, and more importantly, to be able to receive feedback from audiences and react to them. This is how relationships are built with digital marketing that turn in to long-term revenue accounts. SpiderSavvy can help in creating a variety of different WordPress approaches, from a basic blog tool to an integrated website presence.

Content Development

You know what to share but have no idea how to turn your technical material into digestible online content? Or you don’t have the time to dedicated to it, but you have great ideas for ongoing technical content that can bring in customers and clients? SpiderSavvy can help. Give us the material, direction and goals, and we can produced the logistic content that both interests your audience with digestible reading and brings targeted business groups back for more, increasing your engagement factor. We know you’re busy and can be spread thin. Delegate the writing to SpiderSavvy, and focus on building your logistics platform to a professional online marketing level with us.