Currently, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the US. If you run a non-profit organization, you are working towards the betterment of the community whether you are part of a global charitable trust or a local charity. To run a successful non-profit organization, you could greatly benefit from a powerful communication channel since you’ll need to undertake certain activities such as gathering volunteers, collecting donations, spreading awareness and so on.

That’s where your website comes in. You need to have a website. It’s the most important means of advertising you have as people are now, more than ever, turning online for information. But you don’t stop there, you need to have a robust marketing strategy and web design for your non-profit organization. Think of your website as your organization’s business card, billboard, and commercial rolled into one platform.

Our Services

SpiderSavvy is a group of dedicated individuals committed to helping non-profit organizations expand their visibility and scope of influence online via their websites. We’ll not only help keep your audience interested in your content but also engage and motivate them to come back for more. Some of the services we offer include:

Web Design

The website is a very important part of your non-profit organization. It’s the online platform via which interested persons or entities find your charitable organization, learn about your mission statement, and decide whether to make donations or not. In other words, your website must be exceptional. Your web design needs to have a user-friendly interface so that visitors can navigate easily and learn what you’re all about. Also, it helps to have tools that maximize conversion in place. SpiderSavvy can help you do that.

Online Marketing

Are you looking for a company that can help you build a highly effective search engine marketing campaign for your non-profit? At SpiderSavvy, we understand that online marketing is different for charitable organizations. Primarily, the lack of budget and resources compared to the business world is a major disadvantage. However, we will work closely with your organization to make sure that we get the message out there while minimizing costs.

WordPress Development

Choosing the right platform is imperative to building a website for your non-profit organization. It makes sense to use a CMS to get you started since your website will contain a lot of content. WordPress is an excellent option. It offers solid functionality, practically everything you need to build your website. Available for download in a single click, WordPress offers a free core setup for your non-profit website. In addition, this robust opensource platform supports blogging and social media integration, essential tools for non-profits.

Content Development

As a non-profit organization, there’s a high risk of being misunderstood and consequently ignored unless you have a highly developed content strategy. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, engaging the audience, and establishing your organization’s authority, a solid content development strategy is a must. How can SpiderSavvy help? We can help you create relevant, well-written content. We’ll help you share human stories and uplifting messages that resonate well with the audience.


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