Make your real estate practice stand out by marketing yourself online. Making your brand recognizable amongst the thousands of similar firms, as well as helping you target the right customers should be the goal of any online marketing project.

It’s no longer about ju60pxst having a website and claiming that you have an online presence. With many real estate websites out there and probably tens or hundreds in the same locale you work in, it’s essential to distinguish yourself from other players in your industry.

Make a lasting first impression

Just as when you meet someone physically, there is something that would make you remember them even amidst many people, in the same way, a potential client visiting your web page should take away a lasting first impression- and a good one at that. They should immediately know what you do and your logo should be an image that sticks in their minds.

We offer marketing services to your real estate business that will give a positive connotation to possible clients looking up properties in your locale. Web design, online marketing, WordPress development, and content development are the services we offer to real estate practices to market them to their intended niche.

Web Design

We create for your practice a well laid out and professional website. The goal is to covert a curious visitor to a client. For customers who are already with you then we want them to give you repeat business as well as market you to their friends. A website conveys the brand image. A web design that has utilized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies will help your website rank high in searches within your area.

Online marketing

So you have a website up and running, but remember there are thousands more out there and this is where online marketing comes in. A sustained push on social media platforms to run your hottest properties, target the right people, show videos of closed sales, display high-quality photos of floor plans, encourage feedback among other services you are offering is the best way to maintain clients. That is how your real estate practice can establish a strong online presence and remain visible. Listing on such sites as Zillow and Trulia will make you more visible and direct more traffic to your website.  Social media marketing will help you engage directly with your clients. The profiles created make potential clients trust your expertise more and they will be more confident engaging you in their real estate plans.

Content development

Content is key in the real estate business. Customers want a credible firm, and more than that, trust people who are knowledgeable in the real estate field.  Creating content that shows you know current events and trends in the market will show that you are competent and can advise them accordingly in their search for a home or office space.

Communicating about changes in state or authority building or ownership regulations are some of the important bits of information that you can provide to clients to make them see your competency and knowledge in your sector.

WordPress Development

WordPress offers a platform that can be customized for your real estate practice. The practice’s website can be powered up to a very search engine friendly one using word press development. This will ensure that search engine crawlers and customers will easily come across your website with minimum effort.


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