If people know tech, why would the need help with website design? It’s a common myth that simply because a person or firm has an expertise in one area of technology that the same should be a perfectly functioning expert in the other. In fact, website design today for a business online has much more to do with marketing and communication outreach than it does coding, programming, hardware and network integration. But because of the myth, many firms and specific-area experts stay quiet and try to muddle their way through building an online presence when it’s not necessary. The smartest businesses and leaders in tech recognize their shortcomings and outsource them so they can focus their energy on their core strengths.

Web Design

A viable website design today is as much about graphics and typesetting as it is about content. So, for example, if you’re not a perfectly fluent swimmer in content building, sales call to action, Photoshop image development, and web coding all in one, you’re already working at a disadvantage. Why set yourself up for the monumental struggle? Instead, work with a web design team that will take your business goals, value you deliver and content that search engines pay attention to and package it into winning website that people want to visit online. These three areas are critical for impressions that last and bring customers back again and again. You’re good at what you do in software development and hardware tech, let the SpiderSavvy web design experts take care of your image online.

Online Marketing

A marketing plan is essential to an online venture. It provides a roadmap, a target audience definition, and a story behind why your presence is online in the first place. Whether it be to create a new communication environment via software, or to be the first to break through with self-sustaining powered hardware, your story needs to be told first for people to pay attention to what your business does. Marketing is the key to that translation. SpiderSavvy’s team can take your engineering vision and translate it to value for customers and consumers.

WordPress Development

Engagement is one of the critical aspects of a successful online platform. It’s not enough to say whom your software or tech business is. You need to engage with readers and customers and incorporate their feedback into your operation. That only happens by opening up a communication channel and welcoming your audience to participate. WordPress is ideal for this marketing approach because it allows you to deliver significant content and still provide opportunity for organic feedback as well. Your readers and customers then feel they are a part of your business instead of just a transactional relationship. That, in turn, builds brand loyalty and more importantly account retention for repeat sales. SpiderSavvy’s team is particularly adept in building WordPress channels for both stand-alone sites as well as basic blog support.

Content Development

It’s okay, not everyone can write like Ernest Hemingway, or would want to for that matter. Content development takes a certain skill with the pen to transform technical jargon into romanticized emotional wording. That’s where SpiderSavvy’s word-smithing experts can do their job in helping build the ongoing content and information flow from your business to your readers. You give us the idea, the specifications and the concept, and we’ll provide you with the writing that people will remember and find intimately valuable to come back and read more repeatedly.


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