The long wait for WooCommerce to adopt Apple Pay is over. Before this big milestone, WooCommerce received many requests to add Apple Pay as one of their features. WooCommerce listened and now welcomes Apple Pay.

WooCommerce is patting themselves on the back because they are the first open source platform to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is an important payment solution that benefits everyone at WooCommerce.

The Payment Gateway

Apple Pay isn’t possible without Stripe payments. Stripe payments allow you to accept direct payments on your site. Stripe is available with WooCommerce in different countries, including Canada, Spain, Switzerland, UK, United States, Singapore, and many more.

Things You Should Know

Touch ID allows you to shop without having to repeatedly fill out shipping, account, and billing forms. Keep in mind Apple Pay is not a feature that works with old Apple iPhones.

Apple Pay is available for iPhone 6 and later versions, iPad Pro, iPhone SE, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later versions. Safari and Mac can use Apple Pay if they were manufactured after 2012 or operates on MacOS Sierra.

Security and Checkout

Billions of people are victims of identity theft each year, and many people are concerned about the security of Apple Pay. Apple Pay takes your security and privacy serious, so many security features make Apple Pay trustworthy, Apple Pay wants to make sure you’re as safe as possible, so your debit and credit card numbers are not stored in an easy access place on your phone or on Apple’s servers.

As an extra security measure, a unique account number is provided and stored in an encrypted secure element on the device. Every transaction uses a one-time security code for authorization.

The Benefits

Aside from being convenient, there are other benefits of Apple Pay. Apple Pay is 60 percent quicker than other payment methods which saves an average of one minute at checkout time.

If your WooCommerce-enabled Website is using Apple Pay, you may notice up to double the number of checkout conversions. Apple Pay is famous for its one-click checkout. One click and you’re done!

Apple Pay is the new way to pay, and soon, more businesses will integrate this new method of paying. If your phone is capable of accepting Apple Pay, it will appear before you pay for your items. Even if your device is Apple Pay-enabled, you don’t have to always use this payment method.